Hydraulic Drum Jack

MITTCO offers lightweight hydraulic drum jacks, which are extremely useful in the cable yard. MITTCO offers a variety of jacks with different specifications, with excellent all-round stability, fitted with wheels to be easily moved by one person.

  • High stability
  • Hydraulic jack with chromium-plated piston rod
  • Only short stroke necessary due to height-adjustable carrier shell
  • Mobile
Technical Data Type 20 hydr. Type 30 hydr. Type 50 hydr.
Payload per pair mix. 4000 kg 6000 kg 10000 kg
Drum diameter (min. – max.) 900-1600 mm 900-2100 mm 900-3200 mm
Weight per jack 20 kg 46 kg 69 kg
Order-no. 77146 01151 01152

Specializing in cable management products, MITTCO have introduced an ever expanding product portfolio including Cable Drum Trailers. MITTCO can supply a full range of new cable drum trailers and high quality refurbished equipment.


  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Hydraulic Hand Pump
  • Spindle with 2 fixing clamps
  • Lighting System


  • Petrol Engine
  • Diesel Engine
  • Rubber Driving Roller
  • Payload(Ton): 3
  • Max. Speed(km/h) :40
  • Dead Weight (kg) :750
  • Total Weight (kg) :3750
  • Coupling Height(mm) : 610
  • Towing Eye (mm) : 30
  • Guide fork
  • Drum Diameter Min (mm): 1060
  • Drum Diameter Max (mm): 2500
  • Drum Width Max(mm):1300
  • Spindle Diameter (mm): 60-Solid
  • Clear Width (mm) : 1580
  • Overall Length mm 3100
  • Overall Width (mm) : 2300
  • Tyres : 8.5R 17.5 PR

Cable Blowing Machine

A cable blowing machine (also known as a fiber blowing machine) is a machine designed to fit fiber optic cables into telecom ducts and microducts using compressed air or water. MITTCO provides easily transportable and industrial standard cable blowing machine.

  • Automatic Cable Centralisation with synchronous high grip profiled drive belts
  • Tabletop design
  • Variable speed control and single person operation
  • Digital cable speed and length monitoring
  • Integral air valve and pressure gauge
  • Easy cable threading and polycarbonate safety guarding
  • Low maintenance, Wheeled Travel case and Tool kit

Cabling Winches

MITTCO provides cable winching machines. These can be used to pull in or adjust the tension of a cable. MITTCO cable winching machines are easy to operate.

Technical Data WL 2014
Traction force 20 kN
Pulling-in speed 0-14 m/min.
Drive power 9,6 kW
Rope-Ø 7,5 mm
Rope Length 557 m
L x W x H (without trailer) 1600 x 600 x 920 mm
Weight (without trailer) approx 440 kg