Enablers of the communication system

Leading the trends of networks into a seamless interconnected technology

We design, and deploy sustainable technologies that make a real difference in the technology ecosystem.

The Networked global geography is in a state of constant change, opening up exciting possibilities for businesses that can evolve to stay ahead. Our networks empower operators to be innovative frontrunners in a game where no one knows tomorrow’s rules.

With new technical innovations and services we can help you find sustainable and efficient ways to deliver mobile broadband to the 50% of the world’s population who are currently without internet connection.

Advanced and flexible networks will support fast introduction of new offerings which are differentiated or tap new value chains. Millions of different services for different users and devices will be within reach. Our networks that support the frontrunners of tomorrow are built with five key success factors in mind.

MITTCO provides such products & solutions which are innovative, durable, abreast with the latest technology and yet cost effective. We and our manufacturers have immense experience to design, custom build fiber and data connectivity products and solutions for carrier companies to provide high quality infrastructure for end to end solution.

We recognize the importance of strategic partnerships with a selected number of companies in order to provide the expertise necessary to implement and support these range of solutions.

Services offered

  • Building wireless networks
  • Powering the Data Networks
  • Value Added services
  • Radio Network optimization & planning
  • Technology Trainings
  • Building FTTX Networks
  • Network Analytics

But it doesn’t end there: industry transformation and IT opens up whole new opportunities for operators to enter new value chains and we are there to power you up.

Our efficiency to provide products and design as per customer requirement is well known among our customers.

We continue to be a leading engineering construction group in the country recognized as leaders in executing large and complex projects, to specification and on time.

We offer a wide range of Towers/Poles designed for various applications such as:

  • Telecom Towers
  • Transmission Towers
  • Monopoles
  • Lighting Poles
  • Camouflage Trees
  • Cell on Wheel

Apart from towers we supply other structural related products like:

  • UPS Power systems
  • Maintenance free Batteries
  • Power system Generators
  • Solar Power Systems
  • Telecom Shelters
  • Earthing and Lightening Protections
  • Oilfield supplies
  • Broadcast Systems